Chopin’s brillant performer gave a concert in Tivoli

During his solo recital in Tivoli, the Polish pianist Rafał Blechacz interpreted Chopin’s piano works with his might and so emotionally.

(…) When I heard Rafał Blechacz playing Chopin’s piano concert No. 2 in Warsaw last winter, on the composer’s 200th birthday anniversary, his interpretation of Chopin left a permanent mark on my mind and soul. It does not often happen indeed to deal with a pianist who so naturally and in a way full of fantasies can form phrases of this romantic composer. Interpretations of Chopin works comprised also a stirring and intense element of Monday recital performed by Blechacz in Tivoli. The whole second part of the concert was homage of this 25-year old Polish pianist paid to his fellow countryman. To begin with, effective Ballade No. 1, which emerged from beneath his fingers creating an immaculately harmonious stream. Afterwards - Polonaises No. 1 and 2, performed with energy and freshness. Blechacz is a pianist who knows how to concentrate all his physical energy and commit it to the keyboard. The power of his beat is utterly amazing, with fascination it was possible to observe his straight posture, athletic shoulders and strong flexible fingers, intensely working on articulating densely woven resonant Chopin passages. Later in a soft and elegant way he displayed to the audience four calmer Mazurkas. The part devoted to Chopin was ended with the performance of Ballade No. 2 with a huge number of timbres and unique expression. In the first part of the concert in Mozart variations Lison Dormait, Blechacz exhibited the sense of subtle nuances. Pastel tones of Debussy’s L’isle Joyeuse developed like delicate threads at a fast pace. Blechacz deserved a praise also for promoting a litte-known composition which is Sonata c-moll of the Polish composer - Szymanowski. In this work there can be noticed reminiscences of works of Chopin as well as a Russian composer Scriabin. In particular, the diversified final part comprises a sheer combination of different music styles and moods. In 2005 Rafał Blechacz earned all possible awards in the prestigious Chopin Competition organised in Poland. This became a stepping stone to an international piano career and an exclusive contract with a record company Deutsche Grammophon. His Chopin interpretations are incomparable. I am trully impressed.

/Copenhagen, 28.06.11 Offentliggjort - Christine Christiansen/