The Best of La Quincena [Festival]

RafaƂ Blechacz belongs to this exclusive circle of artists who are out of this world. Being only 25 years old he has all the features one would expect in the best performer. He proved this in a very clear way at Teatro Victoria Eugenia yesterday, where he seemed to change the hall acoustics through the beauty of the sound he produced. Blechacz demonstrated that he is not just a machine that emits proper sounds of master quality but has also a genuine ability to be enraptured with music from the moment he begins to play.

No matter what he performs it is being transformed into art, a discourse built on the basis of exceptional sonority combined with logic and passion. Musical phrasing, use of the effects silence or necessary breaths, was so natural when performed by him that even his posture at the piano seemed to be an extension of the instrument. Everything was serving music.

The first part of his recital allowed to sample unbelievable maturity of the panist who was on the familiar terms with Szymanowski’s music great technical and thematic complexity. Sonata c-moll Op. 8 No. 1 with complicated Allegro moderato became a culmination of two pieces Blechacz put next to each other with the most adequate intention. Prelude and Fugue cis-moll confirmed pianist’s outstanding ability to interpret the sonorous plains with absolute clarity. This Fugue and the one from Sonata became a lesson of coherence achieved by means of knowing hands that did what the pianist really intended to do on the clavier. Debussy’s Joyful Island turned out to be fresh, stylish and extremely convincing.

Chopin’s compositions were those that brought Blechacz to the major concert halls of the world. In his able hands and mature mind the two Polonaises and four Mazurkas were a sheer joy to listen to. Concluding the recital was Ballade, a passionate and stunning gift, full of expression and good taste. Unforgettable!

/Diario Vasco, San Sebastian, 28.08.10 - Maria Jose Cano/