The Colosseum hall in Lübeck

The Colosseum hall in Lübeck was filled to capacity during the Polish pianist concert (...) The first half of the programme was like a foundation. Bach's Partita No. 1 that opened the recital was a tribute to this unsurpassed and admired master. Blechacz plays the dance passages swiftly without academic stiffness. For a 25 year old his dexterity is magnificent. Every generation is entitled to rediscover Johann Sebastian Bach in its own way. He did it respectfully and, at the same time, managed to retain his own style.

His Piano Sonata in B flat major by Mozart is an artistically mature performance without a hint of arrogance. Again Blechacz picks fast tempo. The way he plays Adagio does not sound too elegiac or the central movement too sad. In the rondo finale he is bursting with energy. In Debussy’s piece the pianist creates a fascinating impressionistic charm of sounds.

Following the intermission the evening is that of Chopin. Ballade A flat major No. 3, Op. 47 is full of passion but not aggressive. Blechacz begins Scherzo No. 1 in B minor again with fast tempo. Parts almost overlap yet this is just the first moment impression as the structures remain absolutely clear throughout the entire piece. Three Mazurkas Op. 50 are performed with ease. Those small forms Blechacz also plays with full respect. And as the closing number there is an extraordinary Polonaise Fantaisie, the last great work by Chopin. The evening ends with standing ovation and, naturally, with several pieces for encores.

/Lübecker Nachrichten 8 August 2010/