(...) Afterwards the concert by the winner took place. During the performance Blechacz`s artistic qualities have blossomed just like a flower: by means of Bach he created the stem, he used Debussy to present the bud and Szymanowski to form the corolla while Chopin completed this beautiful flower of meaningful sound. Despite his young age and career he belongs to people of privileged nature who are destined to amaze due to exceptionally developed musical intelligence that allows him to use the piano in order to self-express and to share emotions with the audience. The Polonaize Op. 26 is dominated by the notions of grief and sorrow. However, Blechacz never lapses into languidness and the spectacular agility of his strokes allows for clear interpretation of the piece. A diverse nature of the “Four Mazurkas” op. 41was perfectly conveyed by the great soloist so that the emotional work contents inspired the audience. This is also achieved by colouring the mazurkas to get the desired effect:a piano that becomes crescendo, leading to luminosity of forte, then diminuendo which determines gradual extinction of sound, for a suggestive conclusion.

Blechacz says his goodbye to the audience with a perfect and warm hug offerred by Ballad Op.23 which is an example of incredible acts described by means of dramatic narrative of a music story. His concluding "Presto con fuoco" roused the audience to a frenzy.

/Corriere di Siena, 13 July.2010, Attilio Botarelli/