Poetic piano soirée with Rafał Blechacz

(...) Blechacz is completely in his element when it comes to execute with an utmost clarity and focus the right tone from a variety of countless nuances in the noble melancholy of Chopin's music. And so, the technical difficulties are not an issue for him as the 24 year old International Chopin Competition winner proved it in Karol Szymanowski`s dark but splendid variations devoted to Arthur Rubinstein.

Blechacz’s real strength, however, lies in the narrative, poetic music, that is carefully balanced in emotional states and incredible sound quality. In the finale of Italian Concerto, when playing “only” smooth, dynamic and rapid stream of notes he transformed the voice-leading details into a pure movement. The way Blechacz colored the initial various arpeggios of Polonaise-Fantaisie in order to gradually build its heroic rhythm was just spectacular.

/Hamburger Abendblatt, 8 October 2009, Ilja Stephan/