Passionate storming of the heart

Rafal Blechacz – Poland hasn't produced such a great pianist’s talent as the young man probably since the times of Artur Rubinstein.

Young pianism master: Rafal Blechacz

On Thursday evening the 23-year-old played in Dortmund Konzerhaus one of the most remarkable concerts in the “Master pianists” series.
Mozart performed by Blechacz is original, its perception of Debussy most individual and interpretations of his favourite composer - Chopin – are spectacular.

Brilliant technique

The Pole interpreted Chopin’s B minor sonata reaching its depth. The easily confident and brilliant technique of Blechacz wasn’t even for a while mere sudden key hitting as willingly practiced in the final by Japanese peer piano stars, but rather passionate storming of the heart.

In truth Blechacz is rather an elegiac interpreter, gentle virtuoso who can easily and exhaustively make complex structures such as the ones in Chopin’s C-sharp minor mazurka sound beautifully out. – He is an interpreter who is deeply lost in music not giving at the same time any impression of melancholy, singing cantilenes and his verve spreads distinctly out from under his fingers. Just like everything in his performance seems to be flowing.

Copperplate engraving and watercolour painting

The young Pole is a careful pianist in love with details. In fast phrases of Mozart’s KV 311 Sonata he delicately produced tones and at the piano he was nothing more than a live wire – though, very much precise.

Blechacz embellished "Estampes"(“Woodcuts”) by Debussy using the right pedal. More than “Copperplates it ("Estampes") resembled watercolour painting in which the atmosphere of “gardens in the rain” was passed on also to Japanese “pagodas” and Andalusian rhythms of "Soiree". With Chopin locked in his heart Blechacz played “Variations” of his compatriot Szymanowski more passionately, a youthful work, in which an atmosphere of change is heard. He met with thunderous applause.

DORTMUND, Julia Gaß on 31st October 2008 at 18:36