Blechacz prefers Chopin’s late compositions

Blechacz prefers Chopin’s late compositions: mazurkas and nocturnes with high Opus number; with a complicated melodic line and harmony foreshadowing impressionism. The artist takes delight in unusual sonorities, unexpected rhythms, skewed melodies. Three Waltzes Op. 64 sounded beautiful. The pianist has a perfect feel of the character of this genre. He plays repeating phrases differently each time they reappear, changes the tempi, dynamics and tone colour. Sometimes it was enough to just slightly delay one note to make the motif appear entirely different than previously. Blechacz is one of the best pianists in recent years – there’s no doubt about that.

Magdalena Sasin (Gazeta Wyborcza, 14.11.2005, review of the Lodz Philharmonic concert appearance on 13.11)