Mannheim, Die Rheinpfalz

 (…) That Blechacz is a virtuoso on a grand scale, that his fingers can sweep across the keys with lightning speed and somnambulistic over the keys with a somnambulistic certainty, does not really need to beneed be mentioned. Today, instrumental acrobatics are a matter of course for concert soloists.

Blechacz, however, did not limit himself merely to the virtuoso effect. With instrumental bravura and is a virtuoso of impressive caliber of impressive caliber.

But mainly he is a musician with extraordinary imagination, one who shapes very purposefully: a sensibilissimus at the concert grand. In addition, he understood splendidly how to make the to make the keyboard instrument sound and and above all to sing. Whereby, not to forget: with him everything seemed extremely elegant (…)

/Mannheim, Die Rheinpfalz 20.04.2023/